Sep 10, 2010

World Domination: Step 1

Well, here goes nothing. I just created this blog, so I don't know how this is gonna look when I post it, or even if it will get posted. I am a total noob to this site. I suppose I could use the preview to see how it looked, but I'm too lazy. So, here's to my new blog! :D

Now, you may have been wondering about the title of this blog update, as well as the background picture for the blog. Well, you see, it's simple; following the style of certain other blog owners, I am going to try and become famous, which will allow me to take over the whole world (tying this in to the background of the blog). Now, in the interest of cheesy humor and just the urge to get this blog up and running as soon as possible, I'm just gonna list my world domination step as follows, using the age-old meme which is kind of funny, but not really:


  1. Create Blog
  2. ????
So, I'm not even gonna bother winding up this blog post, although I guess I am right now. So, I need to figure out how to do everything on my blog. This'll work out well...

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