Sep 22, 2010

War Machine: 1) Turtle Tank

Jakefeb3: do you know a turtles only weakness?
AvatarOfSolusek: no
AvatarOfSolusek: well
AvatarOfSolusek: thier slowness
Jakefeb3: there weakness is they cant roll over when they are on their backs
AvatarOfSolusek: lol
Jakefeb3: now i have a plan
Jakefeb3: if i duck tape 2 turtles together they are unstoppable


Today we are going to discuss an amazing idea for a war machine. If you have read the above, you are no doubt thinking of the obvious errors within the chat, which I am about to list:

1) They both misspelled 'their'.
2) I'm pretty sure he means 'duct tape'.
3) Duct taping two turtles together would leave about 200 degrees unprotected.

Thus, the obvious plan would be to increase the amount of turtles. Three is relatively good, as it would be hard to place them sideways. Now, what to do when you have the turtles tied together?

World Domination.

Now, turtles would, of course, be unstoppable, but they wouldn't be able to harm anything. Thus, the only solution: Gatling Guns. If, to each turtle tank, you stick one remote-operated Gatling Gun, you can fire on anybody at will, this providing the fire power.

I would provide a diagram, but I don't feel like drawing one right now. If you want, you can make one.

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