Sep 11, 2010

The Hungry Tollbooth

(NOTE: This is actually a true story. Well, mostly.)

So, two or three weeks ago, I was on vacation in an unidentified location (NDA), and we're just driving along, when we take a wrong turn, and end up inside an automatic tollbooth. The correct amount to pay was 1.25 in quarters, so we tossed 5 quarters in to the slot.

The barrier did not rise...

It was nighttime, and we could see the tollbooth glaring at us hungrily, and we knew that the only way to get by was to feed it more. So we threw in another quarter. That's 25 cents over the needed payment.

Still, it hungered.

We gazed at it. It growled at us. In went two more quarters.

Still, it hungered.

We were witnesses to the first insurgent of the robot uprising; a tollbooth, of all things. We were at its mercy, and there was nowhere to go, since there was nobody in the tollbooth to help us (probably cause it got eaten). We had payed two dollars, to no avail.

It glared at us, growling. We knew we had to keep feeding it. In went another quarter. In went dimes, nickles, pennies. Everything we could find. We cut off the straps of our seatbelts, and tossed them in, but to no avail. We got out scissors, and cut off our hair, and threw it in, but to no avail. We tossed the scissors in, but still to no avail. In went all our luggage; still nothing.

We searched through the rental car, high and low, for anything to help, but we couldn't find anything. Is the tollbooth's menacing gaze grew larger, we knew we had to react quickly. We threw in our final quarter, hoping against hope...

The barrier rose, and the car lurched forward just as the tollbooth lunged at it. We were going over 500 mph in an attempt to escape it, and I'm proud to say that we were mostly successful, except that it managed to eat the trunk of the car.

Well, we got away, but the sound of metal scraping against the road as our front wheels slowly pulled the car forward followed us all the way to our destination.

And that is why toll booths are bad.

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  1. It's XY here and I'm saying hey. Funny story!