Apr 22, 2011


Okay, welcome to my blog. By now, I only have one follower, and that's okay. Except that it makes this post kind of awkward, cause they're the only one reading this, and it sounds like it's directed at them (Hi.) but it's not. Just in case of my blog ultimately taking over the world, this is a semi-sort-of disclaimer.

Upon coming back to this derelict and abandoned shell of a blog, I re-read my posts. The humor in them seems forced, in my opinion. I look upon those posts, and my heart is filled with regret at the potential of humor within those topics, and I wish I had not written them, but I will leave them there as a testament to honesty (I actually don't know how to delete them.).

Anyway, the above paragraph refers to all posts before this one, except the first and the last. The last was relating to something completely different, which only a few select people will remember (The person currently subscribed to my blog will be one of them.) In fact, I may actually delete it, because its so irrelevant to everything.

Also, deleting it would make there be a mysteriousness about my blog; a mystique. Also, I could delete any posts discussing its contents, and make it even more mysterious.

And the first post was about my 'plans' for World Domination via this blog.

Ignore those plans.

That post was a joke.


Don't build any countermeasures.